Hong Kong Education Stories Book Series


Cradle - Education Now and Then in the Central and Western District (2020)

Sample (Courtesy of Chung Hwa Book Co.)


School Uniform Days: An Illustrated History of School Uniforms in Hong Kong (2019)

Sample (Courtesy of Chung Hwa Book Co.)


Back to Kindergarten: Early Learning in Hong Kong: Past and Present (2018)

For many of us, our years in kindergarten must seem rather distant, yet the memories, good and bad, linger on. To help us recall our collective past, the Hong Kong Museum of Education of EdUHK selects over 150 images of historical value and explores their context with simple but informative text. Starting with the first kindergarten in Hong Kong, the images and texts tell how educational priorities, the training of kindergarten staff and this first school experience have all evolved over time. Together, they cast new light on the distant memories that we all now share.

Sample (Courtesy of Chung Hwa Book Co.)

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